Moving? 2 Moving Truck Upgrades You Should Request

Posted on: 12 May 2015

If you are like most people, you might zero-in on price when you start searching for a moving truck. After all, as long as that truck bed is large enough to store the contents of your home, what else could you possibly need? Although you might be tempted to ignore features and rent the cheapest vehicle available, finding the perfect moving truck might make your entire move a little easier. Here are two moving truck upgrades you should request and why:

1: A Lift Gate

After asking a few burly men to help you on your moving day, you might figure that your prep work is complete. Unfortunately, even the toughest guys might have a difficult time hefting that antique piano into the back of that elevated moving truck bed. Fortunately, some moving trucks contain lift gates, which are hydraulic devices that can raise and lower upwards of 2500 kilograms, or over 5500 pounds, from the ground. Lift gates typically contain a fold out platform controlled by user-friendly switches. By simply moving the controls, you can raise heavy appliances or boxes into the truck bed. Here are a few reasons you might love having access to a lift gate:

  • Reduce Lifting Injuries: Unless you feel like starting your long cross-country journey with a strained back, you might want to look for a truck with a lift gate. Because lift gates do a lot of the lifting, your friends and family members can stay safe while they help you move.
  • Protect Furniture: Lift gates can also help you to protect delicate furniture. Because you can move expensive pieces is a controlled, efficient manner, your carefully collected furniture might stay in better condition.  
  • Speed Up the Process: If you are worried about meeting moving timelines, lift gates will become your best friend. By loading your lift gate platform systematically and pushing items easily into your moving truck, you can load that vehicle in no time.

When you choose a lift gate, carefully consider the weight of your household belongings in comparison with the gate's lifting capacity. Don't forget to account for the weight of individuals who might stand on the gate to steady wobbly furniture or boxes. Exceeding recommended lift gate capacities could overload the gate and damage the truck, landing you in hot water with the rental company. 

2: A Mom's Attic

As you shop for moving trucks, you might notice that some vehicles have extra storage over the driver's cab. Although this area, referred to as a Mom's Attic, might seem insignificant, it can be incredibly helpful during your move. Here are a few things you might be able to store in this extra space, and how it could simplify your moving day:

  • Delicate Cargo: Because Mom's Attics are located directly over the cab and front wheels of the vehicle, this area provides an incredibly smooth ride for delicate cargo. Consider placing fragile items such as china, ceramic pots, or knick-knacks here, as they might be protected from the jostles of the road.  
  • Electronics: Electronics such as flat screen television sets, stereos, and DVD players contain intricate internal circuitry that can be damaged by impact and movement. However, the Mom's Attic space can help you to keep your favorite objects in pristine condition.
  • First-Day Necessities: If you don't have room for your luggage in your moving truck cab, you might need to stash it in the back with the rest of your household belongings. Unfortunately, unless you can maintain an incredibly organized space, it might be hard to find important first-day necessities such as clothing, favorite kid's toys, and medication. However, since the Mom's Attic is separate, you can use it to keep track of crucial possessions.

By renting the perfect moving truck, you might be able to streamline your move, so that you can sit back and enjoy the journey. Companies like Upland Stor King Property can help you rent trucks.