Plan What Goes With The Movers And What Goes With You

Posted on: 8 December 2022

Your professional moving team will be able to move the bulk of your home's contents. There are, however, some items that may not be able to be transported by the movers. Chemicals, perishables, and household plants may necessitate some additional transport planning on your behalf. 

Your Moving Service And The Goods That Will Be Transported

It is good to know what you will be up against on your official moving day so that you are not subjected to any surprises that will hinder your moving plans. First, write down a list that includes the categories that your household items fall into. Furnishings, artwork, clothing, tools, and other basic categories should be added to your list. All of these items are common ones that a moving crew can handle.

Take note of how much space your household goods will require in a moving vehicle. A large number of goods may necessitate the use of an economy-sized moving truck. Your moving crew should be furnished with baseline information about what you need to be transported. They should also be provided with the size of the load that they will be hauling. If you aren't sure about the size, submit photos of your household items or request an in-person inspection and quote.

Alternate Arrangements For Banned Items

Chemicals could cause an injury while they are being transported. Pressurized air, bottled chemical agents, and other hazardous items will not be allowed on a moving van. Transporting these items may necessitate that you rent a trailer to haul the items on your own. Perishable products should not be placed on a moving van, due to the threat of contamination while the products are being transported.

In addition, houseplants may not be allowed on a moving truck. The reason that plants may be restricted is due to the threat of transporting harmful insects or diseases. Interstate laws may govern whether plants can be legally transported by a moving crew. Check with your moving crew about any household items that you aren't certain the moving vehicle will be able to transport.

An overview of allowable items will likely be identified in the contract that the moving company furnishes you with. Avoid sneaking any unallowable items onto the moving vehicle, since this could void your contract. Any possessions that cannot be transported by movers will either need to be transported by you or shipped to your new address. 

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