Minimize Moving Mayhem For Your School Age Kid With These Tips And Tricks

Posted on: 15 July 2015

While there are a variety of exciting aspects to moving, kids tend to face a feeling of loss for their home, friends, school, and neighborhood when starting over in a new home and area – insecurity can also play a big role in the moving experience. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the move less stressful on your little one as well as help to ensure that their self esteem and security aren't put at risk:

Make Packing Fun

Packing can quickly start to feel like a chore, especially when the thoughts of leaving home and moving everything to a new place start to sink in. A great way to take your child's mind off of the situation and make them feel good about packing their things up to be moved is to make packing fun.

Put some music on and start a dance party with stuffed animals, twisting and turning with each one on the way to put it in a packing box. Playing hide and seek with toys, telling stories about fun times in the house, and listening to stories on CD are also fun ways to pass the time in a positive frame of mind while packing.

Share Some Control

An effective way to make the move easier on your child is by giving them a sense of control over how things progress throughout the experience. For example, you can provide a box or two to fill with stuffed animals and let your little one decide when to do the packing.

You can also offer your child the opportunity to choose between several different design scheme options for their new room, and let them decide what to have for dinner during the last night at your old home. The idea is to make sure that your child feels like they are part of the moving experience instead of just tagging along for the ride.

Keep Communication Open

There is a good chance that your little one will have a lot of questions about the big move, and it's important that those questions are answered honestly so there aren't any surprises once the move has been made. If you don't know the answers to questions as they arise, find out the answer as soon as possible.

For instance, when asked about school, you may have to contact the new school for a schedule break down and to get photos of your child's new teacher, classroom, and outdoor play areas so your child has a clear idea of how things will change after you move. To ensure that your little one feels comfortable asking all the questions they have, it's a good idea to take the time to ask if they have any concerns to share with you on a regular basis.

Visit the New Neighborhood

One of the most important things you can do to make your child feel more comfortable with the move is to visit the new neighborhood a couple of times before settling in there for good. Spend time at the local parks, visit the new house if possible (or at least drive by it), and get to know the neighbors with children so friends are easier to make after the move.

If you have a dog, walk it around the new neighborhood so the whole family can get a feel for life after the move. A personal visit to the new school wouldn't hurt either. Lunch time is a great time to get a feel for the school grounds without disrupting classes.

With the help of these techniques, you should find that your child quickly adapts to their new place and enjoys the overall experience of moving. To help reduce your own stress, contact a local moving company for help on the big day.