Tips For Tackling Your Bedroom Packing Before The Move

Posted on: 9 September 2015

When you're getting ready for a move, the list of things to do is often lengthy. If you find yourself looking around your house with an uncertainty about where to start, don't let the volume of packing ahead leave you feeling overwhelmed. Instead, break things down by room. Addressing a single room at a time allows you to focus on just that space, eliminating the scattered feeling that can often come from trying to do too much at once. Here are some tips to help you tackle the bedrooms with a solid plan to make the packing more efficient.

Dealing With Window Treatments

Your curtains and drapes are likely to suffer wrinkling and other damage if you just toss them into boxes. Instead, keep them protected by hanging them in a wardrobe box. The design of the wardrobe box provides more protection than a traditional box, keeping them from suffering any damage in transit. If you don't have wardrobe boxes, you can just fold them and place them between sheets of packing paper in a medium-sized moving box. You'll want to wash them when you get to the new place, though. That will help get any wrinkles or creases out.

Packing Your Clothes

People who leave their clothes for the last minute often find themselves tossing everything into boxes with no organization or just shoving clothes into large plastic bags. This often results in wrinkled, messy clothes when you get to the new place. Plan to allow sufficient time for packing clothes up before the move to save yourself the stress of the last-minute rush.

Invest in wardrobe boxes for your wrinkle-prone clothes. This protects them in transit, because it keeps them hung so that they stay flat. Then, fold and pack all of your remaining clothes in medium-sized packing boxes, Use medium boxes so that you don't end up with sealed boxes that are just too heavy to lift. This can happen with large boxes – the weight of your clothes can add up quicker than you think.

Keeping Your Shoes Together

If you're one of those people who saves the boxes to every pair of shoes, packing your shoes for a move is simple. Just put them in the boxes, then stack the boxes in a medium or large moving box. If, on the other hand, you toss your shoe boxes as soon as you get them home, you'll need a more creative method to keep your shoes safe and together.

Start by tying the laces of your sneakers together so that they don't get separated. Then, wrap each pair of shoes in packing paper. This keeps your pairs together, reducing the risk of losing one shoe in a box somewhere. Pack those wrapped pairs in a large box so that they are all packed together. That way, you know where to find them.

Protecting Your Mirrors and Glass Frames

Glass picture frames and mirrors are often the most nerve wracking to move, because you don't want to risk damaging them. If you don't have specialty boxes for them, don't panic. You can make a box for each one so that it keeps it protected in transit.

Cut strips of cardboard that are a few inches long, just long enough that you can fold them over the corners of the mirror or picture. Then, cut two triangles for each corner and tape them to the folded cardboard strip. The whole piece should then fit over the corner with one triangle on each side and the cardboard strip covering the edge of the frame. Tape each one in place with masking tape. It will keep them from shifting.

Then, create an "X" over the front of the mirror glass by putting strips of the masking tape across the corners of the mirror, connecting diagonal corners. For example, start by putting the tape on the upper right corner, then stretch that tape to the lower left corner. Repeat this process with the upper left and lower right corners.

Finally, tape full sheets of cardboard over both the front and back of the mirror. Tape them to the corner pieces that you already secured to the mirror. The cardboard corners allow for a little bit of space between the cardboard and the mirror, which may offer some protection against breakage. Clearly mark the boxes as fragile so that everyone knows to handle them carefully and keep them upright.

If you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed by the packing prospect, don't let it get you down. Instead, reach out to one of the local packing services to handle all of your packing for you.