Four Risks You May Face With Used Moving Boxes

Posted on: 2 March 2018

If you are planning to move, then one of the pieces of advice you may receive is to use repurposed or used moving boxes that you may even get for free. This is not bad advice, but you also need to be aware of the risks associated with these boxes so that they don't mess up your move. Take the following precautions if you plan on using used moving boxes:

Confirm Their Strength

Free boxes are usually used boxes; in fact, they may have been used more than once. The more a box is used, the more it suffers wear and tear, which weakens it. Note that a moving box doesn't need to have obvious physical damage, such as torn corners, to be weak. Unfortunately, weak moving boxes may endanger your precious items; it is not unheard of for the bottom of a moving box to break and cause items to drop from the box during loading. Such boxes may also get damaged when they are stacked.

Confirm Their Dryness

Used moving boxes may not have been kept dry; they may be full of moisture that may damage your items during transportation. This is especially true if you are moving items that are sensitive to moisture, such as electronics, clothing, and books. Don't forget that boxes start drying from the outside, so the outside surfaces may seem dry even if their insides are still moist.

Confirm Their Cleanliness

You don't know what the used boxes you want to use for your move were used to carry, and some of those things may have left their marks on the box. What if they were used to carry oil or ink bottles, and some of them spilled on your boxes? It doesn't even have to be that dramatic; even regular dirt and dust should not come into contact with your items, depending on what you are carrying.

They May Contain Pests

Lastly, you don't know where the boxes were last used; maybe the person who used them was unsanitary. This means it's possible to move with pests if you have opted to use free/used moving boxes. You may transport moths, roaches, bedbugs, and other dangerous pests that may damage your items during transportation. Worse, the pests may even take root in your new location and invade your house.

A good way to ensure that your items are properly packed and that they are safe is to let the professional movers pack them. In fact, many moving & storage companies also sell excellent moving boxes; talk to your moving company for a deal.