Need To Move Some Fine Art? 3 Tips To Ensure The Move Goes Smoothly

Posted on: 10 July 2018

If you collect fine art, and you are moving to a new home, you need to spend some time figuring out how exactly you plan on moving your fine art. Moving fine art is not like moving your cookbook collection or your clothing; you don't want to just throw it in a box and hope it makes it okay to its destination. Fine art is an investment, and you need to treat it as an investment and as something that is fragile and precious during the moving process.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

The first thing you are going to want to do is call up the insurance company that covers your home and your fine art collection. You need to make sure that your insurance policy will cover your fine art collection while it is being transported.

If your insurance company will not provide you with the level of coverage you need for your collection, you should contact another insurance company that can offer you a fine arts policy. You don't want to move your art collection without the right insurance in place to protect your investment.

Take Pictures of Your Collection

Next, you should create a detailed inventory of your art collection. Write down the name of each piece, who made it, what year it was created in, and its value.

Also, document your art collection with current pictures. Current pictures, taken right before your move, will show the condition that your art collection is currently in. If your art collection is damaged during the moving process, you will need these before photos for your insurance claim. Be sure to take up-close photos, and get pictures from as many angles as possible.

Get Estimates from Moving Companies

After that, search for a moving company to move your fine art collection. For a fine arts collection, get in-person quotes, not over the phone quotes. In-person quotes are more accurate and will allow the moving company to properly assess the level of packing and moving skills and time required to treat your fine arts collection with care.

When you get quotes from moving companies, get quotes for packing and moving, as well as just moving quotes. This will help you determine if you should pack up the artwork yourself or allow the moving company to pack the artwork.

If you are interested in allowing the moving company to pack up the artwork, ask about their packing methods. Make sure that they have a specific procedure for wrapping up and taking care of each piece of artwork. For larger pieces of artwork, a custom crate is often the best way to move the artwork.

If you have a fine art collection and are getting ready to move, talk to your insurance company, take detailed pictures of your artwork collection, and find a moving company offering special crating services that will treat your collection with the care and attention it deserves.