How To Choose A Long-Distance Mover

Posted on: 9 August 2021

Moving is stressful enough without losing, breaking, or defacing your items. Professional movers have the skill and expertise required to move your items to your new residence safely. Your preferred service provider must meet specific standards. Here are a few tips to guide you when hiring a long-distance mover


Most countries require inter-state movers to have licenses. Typically, most long-distance movers haul clients' goods for over 400 miles, which often crosses interstate or national boundaries. The authorities issue such permits to accredited companies with a proven record. You should also verify the license details with the authorities that issued them to ensure it is correct and updated. 


Your auto and homeowner's insurance policies offer limited coverage when moving items. Therefore, do you have to incur all the insurance costs every time you move? Luckily for you, professional long-distance movers can insure themselves and hence protect their clients as well.  Assess the insurance policies of the various movers and evaluate their benefits. For example, moving insurance will compensate you should some of your items get damaged during the move. Even though the law does not demand that such companies possess this type of insurance, those that insure themselves adequately protect you as a client. 


Previous clients will give insights into the quality of services the mover offers. Therefore, you should read online reviews, contact consumer affairs agencies in the area, and rely on referrals where possible. Here are some areas to question when investigating:

  • Did the client notice any additional or hidden charges?
  • Did the mover offer additional services such as storage?
  • Did the long-distance mover damage or deface any items?
  • Can the long-distance mover honor estimates and keep time? 


The ultimate determinant of your long-distance movers' competence is their human resources and equipment. For example, does the business rent or own vans, forklifts, and trucks? People often service their cars and maintain equipment better than the rented items. Therefore, you are at a lower risk of delays caused by breakdowns, equipment failure, and damage if you hire a long-distance mover who owns the moving equipment. Also, ensure that you physically examine the equipment and workers and make your judgment before hiring the long-distance mover. 

Your long-distance mover should be insured, licensed, reputable, and resourceful. Conduct your due diligence to determine whether the long-distance mover can handle your needs without any problems. 

If you have any questions, reach out to a long-distance mover in your area.